Birmingham Development Plan Roadshow

Currently confirmed dates and times when officers from Planning & Regeneration will be at local libraries to discuss the Birmingham Development Plan.

An alternative to Birmingham City Council’s city plan from Sutton’s Councillors

Tomorrow at 3pm Andrew Mitchell will address a meeting at Sutton’s Trinity Centre on the issue of Green Belt Development. The sign is that he and his councillors will be unveiling an alternative plan to BCC’s Birmingham Development Plan. Let’s hope it offers a clear alternative which does not involve the development of Sutton’s green belt.

Greenbelt petition which also opposes development of the greenbelt for industry

Attached to this post is a petition which opposes greenbelt development for homes and INDUSTRY. Please encourage people living in Sutton Coldfield and the rest of Birmingham to sign it. It can be returned to me at the address on the petition, returned to Jeff’s Useful shop in Walmley Village, or sent straight to the council at Planning and Regeneration , P.O. Box 28,  Birmingham, B1 1TU.

Thank you for campaigning for Sutton!


click to open the petition and print it

Will our MP and Conservative councillor’s oppose the development of Sutton’s greenbelt for industry?

Do our councillors oppose the development of Sutton’s greenbelt for industry?

Last week the Conservative party in Sutton launched it’s petition to save Sutton’s greenbelt from housing development.

However, the Birmingham development plan seeks to include options to develop both housing and industry on Sutton’s greenbelt. So what do they think about Sutton’s greenbelt being developed for a 50 hectare industrial site? We don’t know but why did they not refer to it on their petition? A careless mistake, unwillingness to oppose the development of industry on Sutton’s greenbelt by Birmingham City Council or another reason? I will publish an alternative petition asking Birmingham City Council to remove any kind of development option on Sutton’s greenbelt from the Birmingham Development Plan. The petition will be posted here in the next few days.

What would they do?

Over this last week Andrew Mitchell MP and Sutton’s Conservative councillor’s have received a lot of press coverage for their petition to oppose the inclusion of building on Sutton’s green belt in the plan for Birmingham.

This effort to encourage people to have their say is to be welcomed but Birmingham is still growing. If Sutton is to retain it’s greenbelt then city planners will need an alternative place to meet the housing demand. So where does our MP and councillors think the building should go? What is their plan for Sutton and Birmingham?

You don’t know.

Well ask them.

New Hall


Vesey  (Labour)

Four Oaks

Now have your say on the Birmingham Development Plan.

You will need to register at the following address

Comment in writing to:- Planning and Regeneration , P.O. Box 28,  Birmingham, B1 1TU.

Neighbourhood forums and active residents discuss greenbelt campaign

There will be a meeting for Neighbourhood forum reps and active residents to discuss joint action to oppose greenbelt development in Sutton Coldfield. Venue St James Church Roughley suit, Mere Green Rd, Mere Green, Sutton 7-9pm 6th December 2012

All are welcome. Contact Chris on 07783903096


Sutton Town Council referendum has over half the signatures!

The campaign to get a referendum on  a Sutton Coldfield town council is now over half way towards its 7500 signature target to get a referendum. Only another 3750 to go! If you have not already signed the petition then you can do online at